Functional Review

Want to know how things are going in your residence(s) from an unbiased outside source? Allow the Accompany team to complete a functional review and provide you with a comprehensive evaluation of performance on many levels.

The Accompany review will include in-depth evaluations on operations, human resources, marketing and sales performance and occupancy. Our team will meet with your leadership team at corporate and site level (as needed) to establish parameters and then spend time onsite reviewing and analyzing what we observe and inquire.

A comprehensive report will arrive on your desk within 5 days of our review and will include a detailed list of recommendations to improve upon your results. You may wish to implement the recommendations with your teams in your time or allow us to continue to accompany you through to your next success.

*Nursing assessment, inquire specifically.

Who will benefit from this service?
• Teams with poor reputations and stalled occupancy
• Residences facing new competition
• New development projects that are building their service culture
• Residences with consistently poor occupancy results
• Teams with a revolving door in constant recruiting mode