Occupancy Performance

There truly is a recipe for occupancy success in the seniors care and housing business. It isn’t complicated to articulate and yet it can be completely elusive for some properties. Is it the location, service, culture, amenities or quite frankly the skill level that the sales team members bring? Allow Accompany to answer those questions for you. Every residence has an occupancy lifecycle that flows up and down and a solution to occupancy downturns.

Accompany will evaluate your occupancy results, sales performance and marketing plans providing you with a fully executed report with recommendations within days of completing an onsite review.

You can choose to execute the tactics independently or utilize the Accompany team to partner with you on the journey to full occupancy.

A full home is a happy home! Nothing like great occupancy to allow you to work on all those things you’ve been dying to get too.

Who will benefit from this service?
• Seasoned sales and marketing personnel who need a fresh twist to liven up the customer experience
• Brand new sales professionals who are learning the skill of selling with seniors
• Homes with depressed occupancy results
• New development projects in pre-open or first year operations