Secret Guest Shop

Accompany Sample Secret Guest Shop2

Wondering what your customers are saying? Short of hidden cameras – which we don’t recommend – there are very few meaningful ways to capture your customer’s opinions and reflections on the sales process and experience.

The Accompany Secret Guest Shop™ is highly focused and effective at evaluating the skills of your sales’ and operations’ teams from the customer’s point of view. We use non-industry shoppers with a profile that matches a prospect’s family member to shop your residence and report with an unbiased and completely personal voice.

Who will benefit from this service?

Do you have residences with persistent occupancy problems? Set up a series of Secret Guest Shops to gain multiple views on different occasions.

• New sales and marketing personnel who are coming up to the end of their probationary period – The Accompany shop is the perfect way to balance out any performance appraisal periods. Let the customer’s voice tell the story and support the coaching conversation to build stronger and better results.

• Seasoned and longstanding performers – Add a new dimension to your continuous quality improvement plan. Seasoned and long standing great performers are always looking for ways to improve upon their results. Good solid operations will benefit from a routine Secret Guest Shop™ within their annual plan. Quarterly or even bi-annual shops will built strength and vision to the best performers out there.

• New project developers that want to know the competition – Accompany will shop your competitors and provide the exact same report. Now you will know with clarity what you are up against and you can plan to outperform your new neighbour.

*Multiple & routine shops enjoy price reduction